URTH CBD Full Spectrum Cartridge – OG

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Sometimes the original truly is best. Thanks to URTH CBD, now you can enjoy the iconic taste of the OG hemp strain without an unwanted psychoactive experience from THC. If you’re looking to mellow out at the end of a long and difficult day, the 300mg of CBD in this high-grade CBD cartridge will be waiting to whisk you away to a calm and peaceful place. The OG hemp strain’s strong taste and flavor, often likened to diesel, shine through an earthy aroma from the all-natural CBD distillate. These full spectrum carts contain no additives, preservatives, or any unwanted chemicals what-so-ever. Instead, with every purchase of an URTH CBD Full Spectrum CBD Cartridge like OG, you’ll receive a top quality cannabinoid product at a competitive price that will last longer than other alternatives thanks to the high-grade ceramic coils. CBD cartridges are an effective, efficient and discrete way to get the cannabinoids you need to relax as your day goes by, and is also convenient for home-use as well. Whether you need to calm down and relax or fight some aches and pains, URTH CBD’s OG Full Spectrum CBD Cartridge has your back.