URTH CBD Full Spectrum Cartridge – Granddaddy Purple

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If you can’t choose between feeling calm and soothed or feeling uplifted and elated, don’t! Who says you have to make a choice when you’re enjoying a taste of URTH CBD’s Grandaddy Purple Full Spectrum CBD Cartridge. With grape and berry flavor notes, this combination of 300mg CBD distillate and flavor-producing terpenes, your body and mind are in for a real treat when you make this purchase. As an Indica dominant strain, this CBD cart will have you “in-da-couch” before you know it, and is a perfect companion to your evening routine. Restless mind? Can’t get comfortable? This naturally occurring compound can really make a difference when it comes to helping you get the restful sleep you need to be your best the next day. URTH CBD has worked hard to design a high-grade ceramic coil for all of their full spectrum cartridges, ensuring limited waste or burning taste. This means you can truly appreciate the delectable earthy yet sweet flavor profile whenever you discretely use your URTH Grandaddy Purple Full Spectrum CBD Cartridge- day or night!

Grab your favorite book and drift away with this favorite indica strain. GDP (aka Granddaddy Purple) is a cross between Big Bud and Purple Urkle and is known for its deep purple blooms. The effects of this sweet, grape/berry flavored strain are both euphoric and soothing.