The Helping Friendly Herbal Extract Salve – Orange Lavie

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The Helping Friendly Hemp Company developed a product just for you. Jump start sore muscles, wake up tired and dull senses, and reduce overall body inflammation every time. Just rub some Orange Lavie Herbal Extract Salve deep into your skin and watch the restoration start.

Formulated with natural beeswax, arnica, and soothing lavender in therapeutic grade essential carrier oils, the 99.5% pure hemp oil extract CBD gets right to the source of your pain, stiffness, and bruising to help your body begin to heal. 

This formula is especially helpful for athletes dealing with training injuries or those who regularly participate in contact sports.

Available in a 200mg glass jar or compact 50mg travel tin, there is a salve option to meet your body’s unique needs. Be discrete with your cannabidiol dosing and get the high-quality cannabinoids directly where you need them most every time you massage the Orange Lavie CBD Topical into your skin.