The Helping Friendly Broad Spectrum Soft Chews – Strawberry

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If tinctures and topicals don’t meet your body’s specific health needs, maybe it’s time to give soft chews a try. One of the most delicious gummies available today, The Helping Friendly Hemp Company has put in many hours developing their Premium Broad Spectrum cannabidiol blend for use in their Strawberry Soft Chews. An all-natural blend of extracted CBD, CBC, CBN and CBG target your endocannabinoid system for fast relief. These pillow-like chews come three to a tin and each contains 50mg of cannabidiol, for potential irritation and inflammation relief. Simply pop in a gummy when you start your day to feel the benefits as you work or enjoy one as a before bed treat to smooth your transition into sleepy bliss. With the succulently sweet sensation of strawberry flavors, you will find yourself wanting more than just one. Do remember these are potent health supplements and be sure to adhere to the dose that works best for you.