Sun Protect & Care Bundle

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CBD Sun Protect & Care Bundle

Even in the winter months, sun protection is an important and best practice to keep your skin healthy, supple and strong. When it comes to burn defense and after-care, SPF alone is not enough. Your skin has unique needs, and sunscreen alone is not enough to protect from damaging UV rays, dryness, and irritation.

Thankfully, we have designed a Sun Protect & Care Bundle that makes a great gift for anyone looking to travel or who enjoys the outdoors, anytime. Before venturing out on a sunny day, start with the sunscreen and reach for your bottle of Savage CBD’s Full Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen.

It packs CBD extract and sun protection right into one simple step. While enjoying your fun in the sun, you can soothe any sandy skin irritation with CBDfx’s 50mg CBD Citrus Shea Butter Mini Balm.

This concentrated moisturizing salve smells great and works even better. After the sun sets, treat your skin to a luxurious feeling and seal in moisture and healing cannabidiol with Savage CBD’s Full Spectrum Aloe Vera. A full 300mg of healing power in every 60mL bottle gets right to work.

The Sun Protect and Care and the Spa Treatment Bundles make an excellent pair the next time you’re on vacation. You can create your own CBD spa right in your hotel room after a long day at the beach with no extra hassle.

Looking for the ultimate cannabidiol experience at home or away? Consider using your savings to grab a bottle of CBD Gummies to keep with you.