Koi Naturals CBD Oil Peppermint (30mL)

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Koi Naturals Peppermint CBD Oil combines a completely natural analgesic with the pain and anxiety fighting powers of full-spectrum cannabidiol. With Koi’s lab tested THC-free PRIZM™ proprietary blend, cannabinoids like CBC, CBN and CBG can relax your mind and body. On top of soothing muscular aches and pains, you also get the taste as well. Completely natural oils blend perfectly with thirteen naturally occurring terpenes to provide a refreshing and enlightening CBD experience. In order to fully experience all that Koi Naturals Peppermint tincture has to offer, we recommend oral ingestion for dosing. Simply fill and drip a dropper beneath your tongue or mix into tea and any other beverage you love. You can even add it to snacks once or twice daily to gain the many potential benefits of regular use. Koi Naturals Peppermint CBD Oil is available in your choice of 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg and 2000mg strengths per 30mL bottle. Every batch is lab-tested for consistency, quality, and taste.

Not only will you reinforce your peace of mind, but you’ll also work to heal your emotional and physical health. If this one doesn’t rub you quite the right way, you can go for the Spearmint option as well.