Experience CBD Choco Nugs Cap’n Munch

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Experience CBD’s Cap’n Munch Choco Nugs are a one-of-a-kind CBD treat truly make a statement (and pack a punch). While Choco Nugs may look like real cannabis buds, they are instead completely made of chocolate infused with pure CBD oils, and are completely THC free. These Choco Nugs are available in  “Cap N’ Munch,” inspired by the sweet berry flavor of the popular breakfast cereal. At 15mg of high quality, lab tested CBD per crunchy chocolate piece, these unique sweets are chock full of all the medicinal benefits and make getting your daily dose of anxiety and pain relief simple and fun. Enjoy a 150mg, 240mg, or 450mg CBD bag. Experience CBD’s OG Choco Nugs will make an excellent addition to your collection of favorite CBD edible products.