Erth Hemp Water Soluble CBD Tincture Oil – White Peach (30mL)

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Erth Hemp White Peach Water Soluble CBD Tincture offers one of the best ways to stir cannabidiol into your favorite drinks. Carrier oils like MCT can mix oddly into your coffee or workout shake, but this nanoemulsified blend works on the sub-microscopic level to work its way both into what you consume and into your blood stream. Erth Hemp’s Water Soluble CBD Tincture has the bold taste of white peach so that you won’t shy away from adding it to any number of foods. Although some edibles can take longer to start causing effects, this liposomal blend starts functioning fast due to its chemical makeup. This high-absorption cannabidiol product doesn’t have to conflict with the body and doesn’t allow its bio-availability to become metabolized before it can start moving. Erth Hemp White Peach Water Soluble CBD Tincture will have you thanking the advancements in nanaotechnology.