Erth Hemp Water Soluble CBD Tincture Oil – Vanilla Bean (30mL)

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Erth Hemp Vanilla Bean Water Soluble CBD Tincture pulls no punches when it comes to fast acting relief. When cannabidiol is put in a carrier oil such as MCT, your body tries to metabolize a lot of the healthy benefits before it can make it to your blood stream. This nanoemulsified mixture breaks the CBD down to a submicroscopic level, meaning that this Erth Hemp Water Soluble Tincture doesn’t have the same roadblocks getting into your system. The vanilla bean flavor is simply just icing on the cake. In fact, baked goods and various kinds of drinks are great ways to start using cannabidiol because being liposomal means it won’t take as long as most edibles tend to. The bio-availability and THC-free nature of Erth Hemp’s Vanilla Bean Water Soluble CBD Tincture are just some of the many benefits of switching to a nanoemulsified product for your cannabidiol usage.