Erth Hemp CBD Vape Juice – Fuji Pear (30mL)

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Break away from traditional fruit flavors and enjoy a CBD experience like you’ve never had before with ERTH Hemp CBD’s Fuji Pear CBD Vape Juice. Like all of ERTH Hemp CBD’s CBD Vape Juices, Fuji Pear is made using natural and organic ingredients like propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), food grade flavoring and solvent-free Ultra

Premium CO2 Extracted Hemp Oil Isolate. Every 30mL bottle is available in 250mg, 500mg, or 1000mg CBD oil options and is full to bursting with light, juicy fuji apples and sweet ripe golden pears.

If you’re new to CBD e-Liquids, we recommend using the 1000mg option in a lower wattage device and the 500mg option with higher wattages, but ERTH Hemp CBD’s Fuiji Pear Vape Juice can be enjoyed in any refillable vape device or pod system.

If the slow-onset of CBD edibles or the flavor of tincture haven’t worked well for you, then you should consider giving cannabinoid vapables a try- as the fastest way to get the relief you seek, this delicious CBD vape juice delivers swift and powerful results. Relax and enjoy an unforgettable flavor experience when you have ERTH Hemp CBD’s Fuji Pear Vape Juice in your tank.