Erth Hemp CBD Foot Cream – Sooth & Refresh 250mg (4oz)

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Erth Hemp’s Sooth & Refresh CBD Foot Cream demonstrates the true diversity of this amazing oil and its uses. From your heels to your toes, dryness can be a problem anyone could run into.

To take on even the roughest and most sore skin, cannabidiol elects the help of other rejuvenating nutrients. Erth Hemp’s Sooth & Refresh CBD Foot Cream includes shea butter, arnica, white willow bark, tea tree oil and white vinegar to fight odor while also bringing your aching feet back to life.

This unique blend combats dryness in such a way that makes restoration easy for this THC free cannabidiol. Let CBD change the way you walk through life by using this 250 mg Sooth & Refresh Foot Cream by Erth Hemp.