Erth CBD Hemp Flower – Cherry Blossom

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Erth CBD Hemp Flower – Cherry Blossom

ERTH Hemp CBD’s Cherry Blossom hemp flower is the one that started it all. An indica dominant strain, this 16% CBD Hemp flower is a premium pain and inflammation fighter.

Available in 3.5 or 7g of hand trimmed, vibrant green buds, this completely unprocessed product is organically grown in California and is never subjected to additives, preservatives, or pesticides.

If you’re interested in CBD but have never tried it before, flower is one of the best places to start. With a lightly sweet and floral undertone, these flavorful flowers have an earthy, almost nutty taste and will quickly wash a soothing wave of relaxation through your tense and aching body.

When you’ve had a long day, the last thing you want to do is deal with other more cumbersome CBD products.

Instead, you can quickly enjoy your morning, afternoon, or evening cannabinoids and terpenes every time you use ERTH Hemp CBD’s Cherry Blossom Hemp Flower.