Erth Hemp CBD Face Serum – Tone & Hydrate 100mg

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Erth Hemp Tone & Hydrate CBD Face Serum relies on more than just THC-free cannabidiol to bring health and wellness to your skin.

This dream team features a whole list of nutrients and vitamins that brighten your complexion along with strengthening your skin. Hyaluronic acid works in conjunction with the CBD to retain moisture and prevent your face from drying out.

CoQ10 gets produced less and less in your body as you grow old, so adding some back will fight the signs of aging. Vitamin C not only helps fortify against sun damage, but also encourages the creation of collagen to leave your skin both tight and toned. You can also get those results from DMAE, but it also helps strengthen parts that have already experienced aging at provides thickness to the affected areas.

The 100mg of cannabidiol works great as a team in this Erth Hemp Tone & Hydrate CBD Face Serum.