Erth Hemp CBD Body Butter – Lavender 250mg (4oz)

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Erth Hemp Lavender CBD Body Butter assembles a whole group of essential nutrients for the ultimate team up with cannabidiol leading the charge. For skin that either needs a whole reworking or just a little bit of maintenance, this topical ointment can take on any dryness or aching you can throw at it.

Erth Hemp Lavender CBD Body Butter enlists mango and shea butter to begin moisturizing while organic evening primrose and jojoba oil get to work on your sensitive skin.

While this A list collection of nutrients, the 250mg of THC free cannabidiol gets right to helping your hands and body deeply relax for relief that only comes from this Lavender CBD Body Butter by Erth Hemp.  Pairs beautifully with RENEW CBD Lavender Night Cream for the Face, for an extra treat.