Eclipse CBD Night Time Tincture – Lemon Cake

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Who doesn’t love a sweet and tangy slice of lemon cake? Light and fluffy with a tinge of zesty citrus, there’s only one way to improve on this impressive dessert and that’s with Eclipse CBD’s Night Time Lemon Cake. With a high-quality full spectrum blend of American grown hemp, this proprietary formula is specifically designed to promote restful sleep. Completely THC- and sleep additive-free, every 30mL bottle of Eclipse CBD Night Time Tincture contains 600mg or 1000mg of lab-manufactured cannabidiol that is triple lab tested for potency and taste quality- no bitter tasting terpenes here. This CBD product is recommended for sublingual use- simply drip 20-25mg beneath the tongue before bed, and increase gradually by 5mg until desired state of tranquility and relaxation is achieved. Cut yourself a slice of paradise and get a restful night’s sleep with Eclipse CBD Night Time Tincture.