Eclipse CBD Isolate Tincture – Peanut Butter

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Perfect for humans and their four-legged best friends alike, this savory Peanut Butter Tincture by Eclipse CBD can keep the whole family happier and healthier. The 100% THC-free, U.S. grown, hemp derived CBD Isolate with 99% purity is cultivated right in Colorado and extracted through a CO2 process to ensure you’re enjoying the best quality product possible with every dose. Smooth with a creamy finish, Eclipse CBD’s Peanut Butter Tincture is a delicious addition to smoothies or shakes as well as your breakfast coffee. Your pooch will love it as a morning or after dinner treat as well. Available in 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg with approximately 30 doses per bottle, we recommend 20mg when you wake up and then again in the evening to begin enjoying the many potential health benefits of CBD, including anxiety and chronic pain relief. Whether you’re seeking relief from troublesome mental and physical health issues, or your beloved pet needs that same relief, Eclipse CBD’s Peanut Butter Tincture is an excellent place to start.