Eclipse CBD Isolate Tincture – Lemon Cake

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Nothing beats a sweet and tangy slice of fresh lemon cake, especially when it’s being served up in a delicious cannabidiol oil flavor like this one. Eclipse CBD’s Lemon Cake Concentrate Tincture has none of that bitter or earthy taste often associated with other tinctures, but instead makes a great addition in a cup of tea and stands on its own as the sweetest of the Eclipse tincture lineup. With THC-free CBD isolate, MCT carrier oil, and natural and artificial flavors, you can rest assured that you’re enjoying a premium quality product. Eclipse CBD’s Lemon Cake Concentrate Tincture is available in 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg and 1500mg of Colorado grown and proceed hemp. Each bottle contains approximately 30 doses. You know your body best, but we recommend starting with 20mg in the morning and at night before increasing by 5-10mg to help you find the dose that’s best. Eclipse CBD’s tinctures definitely deliver on their motto “Better Not Bitter.”