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Bextera Nutrition was founded on the principals of providing the highest quality of innovative natural health alternatives.
The small changes that we can already make on our own, sometimes make all the difference.  Only you control what goes into your body.  So choose wisely, and we thank you for your choice in us.
Products you will thoroughly enjoy  Bextera Nutrition’s products include Great Tasting Timed Release Protein, BCAA, Pre-Workout, popular BHB Keto capsules, Sleep-Aide, Anti-Anxiety, Probiotic-40, Tribulus, Turmeric, Digestive Enzymes and MANY more. Bextera Nutrition also specializes in Hemp CBD products.  Full Spectrum CBD Tincture comes with a measured dropper and labeled Flexible Dosing chart for ease of use.

Formulas and ingredient ratios designed for athletes- in sport and recovery, natural health alternatives designed to meet the needs of patients.

Quality you can Trust  Bextera Nutrition’s products are made in the USA in regulated FDA registered, GMP compliant facilities and third-party lab tested.  Many of our products are Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, and contain Organic ingredients.

Specializing in Hemp CBD  Hemp CBD products come from clean CO2 extraction methods.  CBD and other cannabinoids are sourced from USA Industrial Hemp verified to meet federal guidelines of Zero to less than 0.3% THC.

Anti-Aging and Skin Care  Put your best face forward.  Keep it simple – with a complete system in just 3 steps.  Made with natural extracts listed right on the front of our bottles and some of the best ingredients for anti-aging.  Super lightweight, non-scented formulas, and an excellent base to wear under makeup.   Our Hair Skin & Strong Nails, Phytoceramides, and Biotin capsules are under this line.

Bextera Nutrition is part of the Bextera LLC family.  We carry thousands of nutritional products from leading US brands as well as our own on this site, from Whey Proteins, Amino Acids, and Vitamins, to Hemp CBD products and athletic clothing and accessories.  This is the only site we manage where you will be able to purchase the Hemp CBD products including our own brand, due to requirements of our banking partners.    

Special Note about Our Hemp CBD Products  The Hemp CBD products that you will find on our site use only clean extraction methods.  Not only do we look for products that have third party lab results to verify potency, consistency, and lack of chemical residues from other extraction methods, but we spot check our vendors as well.  The only CBD products that we carry on our site are sourced from Industrial Hemp verified to meet federal guidelines.  CBD suppliers not providing us with full transparency from banking systems to lab results to inventory levels, will not be considered or may be removed from our site.  As the Hemp CBD products may sometimes sell out at the supplier level due to high demand and low inventory across this industry, we will remain available to help customers find alternative products for their trusted brands.  Please take a look at the articles we have posted from Customer Service and always feel free to contact us if you need assistance.

Where to buy Bextera Nutrition Products  Online on bexteranutrition.com and our Brand site bexteranutritionproducts.com, select products are available directly though our Company only on Amazon.com

Bextera Nutrition products are available to purchase wholesale to brick and mortar retail nutrition and grocery stores, and through company authorized online distributors only, please contact our Sales department for inquiries.  If you don't see our products in your favorite local grocery store or nutrition shop, please feel free to request at the customer service desk.  We distribute to US based stores directly from our west coast warehouse.  

Media Inquires and Events: Please contact Sales for event inquiries   
Bextera Nutrition is a registered Trademark of Bextera LLC, a New Jersey company with office located in Naples, FL.


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