About Hemp CBD Oil Products

The Hemp CBD Oil Products sold on this site are verified from suppliers as being sourced from Industrialized Hemp.  


  • What is Hemp CBD Oil?  The CBD (Cannabidiol) sourced from products on this site is an extract of "Industrialized Hemp" which contains less than 0.3% THC as required by federal law.     
  • CBD is not the ingredient (the THC) that causes a psychoactive effect or a "high." 
  • Hemp CBD Oil Products can be taken by several different routes of administration: by eating food products (cbd edibles), taking drops under the tongue or sublingual (cbd tinctures and some oils), inhaling it through specialized vaping pens or through dry rolled CBD Fatty products or Hemp CBD flower otherwise known as CBD nugs, by applying it as a topical CBD cream or CBD lotion locally to the skin, or taking a capsule that looks similar to many vitamins. 
  • You may want to try out several different types of CBD products to see what works best for you.    
  • In general, most Hemp CBD oil products will provide instructions to start at lower dose and go up as needed to assess tolerability and benefit, though what one person may see a benefit from a lower dose, another person may want to go higher to see the same benefit. 
  • Not all Hemp CBD oil products effect each person in the same way.  
  • We invite you to please do your own research and speak to your doctor or healthcare provider, as we do not make any medical claims about any of the products sold on this site. 
  • The Hemp CBD oil products sold on this site are for natural health and nutritional purposes only. 
  • Your physician or other healthcare provider can provide you with information and answer your questions about the uses and benefits of CBD.  Please always see them for any questions, you may be surprised that they are happy you brought this to their attention.  
  • Please see information about types of Hemp CBD on the home page of our site to assist your with making selections for your purchase.  
  • Please always let your healthcare provider know about not only the Hemp CBD oil products on this website but all supplements that you are taking. 
  • While it is understood in general that there are benefits to using Hemp CBD oil products, we ask you to please understand that in doing your research, customer testimonials, ratings, and reviews you may find on other third party web sites about products on this site are by no means an indication that products that are listed on this site can claim treat or cure specific conditions. 
  • Hemp CBD for dogs and cats is also available on this site.  Follow label instructions for size of your pet, and dosing and always seek guidance from your vet prior to use and for any questions that you may have.
  • CBD Vape Products
  • Bextera Nutrition does NOT sell nor would we ever endorse the use of any products containing nicotine or tobacco on our site nor third party websites.      

God Bless and Good Health