Hemp oil vs Hemp CBD oil vs Marijuana Oil

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Hemp oil vs Hemp CBD oil vs Marijuana Oil

Hemp oil vs Hemp CBD oil 

Industrial hemp is the plant used for hemp oil. While it’s very similar in some ways to CBD oil, we need to understand the key differences as a consumer. The terms can be easily confused and companies that advertise both “hemp oil” and “cbd oil” do not make this easy.

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is as a nutritional food or supplement that you may see on grocery store shelves, and is rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.  You will not find Hemp oils on our site listed as CBD Oil products to eliminate consumer confusion between the two types of products. 

  • Hemp Oil is used for Cooking and is full of nutrients, it can provide crispy and nutty tastes to foods and a wonderful replacement for olive oil
  • It is also a base for different types of plastic instead of petroleum
  • It is and Eco-friendly paint production rather than petroleum-based paints
  • It can be applied as a natural moisturizer
  • It can be used as Bio-diesel fuel (like other veg oils)
  • It is also used for lotions, soaps and some foods too
  • Source for Omega 3,6, 9 essential fatty acids 

What is Hemp CBD Oil?

CBD oil is short for the term cannabidiol oil. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural element of both marijuana and industrial hemp.  CBD oils vs Hemp Oils have a much higher content of CBD.  The CBD oil supplement has become very popular because of the health benefits it has similar to that of the more controversial marijuana plant, without the psychoactive effects of marijuana (that contains THC).

As both Hemp Oil and Hemp CBD oil products are related, coming from the same plant source, some sellers of Hemp oil are marketing the value of it’s effects similar to CBD oil products on major shopping platforms, causing much consumer confusion.  Shopping platforms such as Amazon do not allow CBD oil products on their site.  Hemp oil is quite different product with different benefits and nutritional value than Hemp CBD oil.

Difference between Marijuana Oil and Industrial Hemp CBD Oil  

Hemp and Marijuana plants are related in the plant world (like cousins).  Marijuana contains much higher THC than hemp plants.  Hemp CBD oils contain only trace levels (<0.3%) or undetectable levels of THC that meet guidelines as required by federal law, whereas the Marijuana oil the THC can be much higher. You will only find CBD oils on our site that our sourced from industrial hemp plant, so there should be no concern that you will get a “high” from taking these products. 

Can CBD come from Marijuana too? 

Yes, but these products are not on our site.  You will only find CBD products on Bextera Nutrition that are sourced from Industrial Hemp.