Koi Hemp Sleep-Aid Shots 25mg (2.5oz)

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Koi Hemp Peach Iced Tea Sleep-Aid Shots are one of the best things you could take to soothe your mind in bed. Combining 25mg of CBD with the strength of melatonin, your insomnia won’t stand a chance against this tag team. Drinking a warm glass of milk often won’t cut it when you struggle with restlessness. Better than actual peach tea to get you sleepy, this cleverly formulated wellness shot with CBD will put your mind to rest in a flash. In a quick gulp you can start drifting off to your peaceful slumber with Koi Hemp Sleep-Aid Shots. This brand cares about ensuring you get a truly natural product in your hands. In that spirit, they guarantee that the cannabidiol used and the beverage itself is both pesticide and solvent-free. Bring balance to your body all night with this CBD drink infused with the freshness of iced peach tea.