Genesis Hemp CBD Oil and CBD Kief Infused Pre-Roll

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This product contains less than 0.3% Δ9-THC

Genesis pre-rolls are rolled with Raw hemp cones with tips. All of our pre-rolls contain premium CBD hemp. All flower is triple tested at less then the U.S. legal allowance of .3% Δ9-THC

Sit Back, Smoke a CBD Joint!

Smoking CBD joints opens new doors for those who enjoy the act of smoking without the hassle of having to roll their own joint. Our CBD joints are made using industrial hemp flower, which contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC, and Raw cones and tips. The 2014 Farm Bill set the limit for the amount of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in a hemp product at 0.3% to  ensure its legality at federal level as well as in all 50 US states.

Because of this, our CBD joints do not induce any psychoactive effects such as euphoria, paranoia or mild visuals. Although there may be small traces of THC in the product, the concentration is not strong enough to cause a ‘high’. This is due to the nature of CBD suppressing THC’s ability to produce these unwanted effects. This product is meant for those who do not wish to feel either cognitive or judgemental impairment. Luckily, it does not contain enough to THC for these side effects to occur. Our hemp joints were created with the intentions of being used for healing purposes — not getting high.

Rapid Relief with CBD Joints

Smoking remains a popular way to consume hemp and marijuana plants specifically for the benefits that cannabinoids (CBD) has to offer. Our CBD joints, however, continue to stand strong among our other cbd products due to the rapid response felt. This is because of the active ingredients being absorbed through one of the major organs and instantaneously carried throughout the body.


When our organic hemp is inhaled, the cannabinoids rush directly to the bloodstream where they travel throughout the entire body. Interacting with cannabinoid receptors, endocannabinoids and catabolic enzymes in the endocannabinoid system (ECS) produce healing effects.


Inhalation is necessary for those struggling with consistent side effects from their health conditions. Waiting an hour for a CBD edible to take effect isn’t practical for somebody experiencing rapid onset conditions such as anxiety or seizures. However, the anxiolytic response takes effect almost immediately, initiating the cannabidiol cbd to be received by corresponding receptors.


The same is applicable for those with chronic pain, whose mobility is deeply affected by their constant discomfort. With the consumption of CBD joints, the ECS will flood with CBD, allowing for immediate response to a current ailment.

Why You Might Consider Consuming CBD

Thanks to the regulatory effect the compound has on the ECS, health benefits such as relaxation and reduced pain are enjoyed. Often times, inflammatory responses are balanced with CBD due to the endocannabinoids’ ability to send messages to the immune system. As living creatures vulnerable to bacteria, we need this inflammatory response to protect ourselves from viruses and bacterial infections. Unfortunately, inflammation in the body is causal to many other unwanted effects on the body. Preventing potential tissue and organ damage is what makes anti-inflammatory signals so necessary and recognized by CBD. High levels of CBD boosts the endocannabinoids that lock onto the CB2 receptors, which in turn sends these modulating messages. This is why people report a noticeable pain relief.


CBD can also enhance mood to improve general well-being, enabling it to also act as an alternative treatment for depression. Although not medically proven, researchers have found that CBD is capable of reducing stress levels by suppressing a cortisol.


A side benefit of CBD is its ability to regulate appetite. If too much food is consumed, CBD tends to blocks hunger hormones. On the contrary, if not enough food is consumed, it has the potential to reverse its effect.

CBD Joint Ethics

Hemp joints are best smoked at home because they contain terpenes. These are known as aroma molecules and are known to create a strong smell that is similar to cannabis. Each strain of CBD has a different level of terpes, and determine various strains from each other. When smoked, the natural flavor of hemp is tasted, but the terpenes alter the smell distinctively. Between joints, our amounts of cbd stay the same to ensure the efficacious results.


An energizing hemp strain recommended for morning use, especially with a cup of coffee. This is a perfect combination to start the day feeling alert without the anxious jitters that often comes from drinking coffee. Strains containing a dominant indica are preferable in the evening, after a long day when you’re looking to relax. CBD joints are great for when you just want to chill out with no worries.


These delicious flavored joints are pre-rolled and mixed with CBD oil topped off with hemp kief. The products in the Genesis Hemp range at have been lab-tested by a third party to confirm the quality and authenticity of the product. These joints are rolled using Raw cones and tips.