Erth Hemp CBD Massage Oil – Spa Original 250mg

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Erth Hemp CBD Massage Oil provides healing with a surefire scent that is simply summed up as “Spa Original.” Whether you run your own wellness studio or just use these products at home, get the professional aroma and feel with every application. The power of 250mg of cannabidiol is not the only thing about Erth Hemp Spa Original CBD Massage Oil that acts fast on your skin. Feel like you’ve been nuzzled into the lap of luxury with vitamin E, meadowfoam seed, organic jojoba, and MCT oil derived from coconut. You won’t need a vacation if every day feels like a resort or retreat from life. With less than 0.3% THC, you can focus just on the healing powers of cannabidiol in this Erth Hemp CBD Massage Oil that will make you home or spa original.  Pair with a CBD Gummy to get into relax mode.