Eclipse CBD Isolate Tincture – Peppermint

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Refreshment and revitalization have never tasted so good thanks to Eclipse CBD Peppermint Concentrate Tincture. With absolutely no earthy or bitter taste from leftover terpenes, this delicious and invigorating cannabidiol contains only CO2 extracted and processed CBD isolate, MCT carrier oil, and natural and artificial flavors. There are no preservatives or strange chemicals here. Eclipse is proud to meet and exceed the standard set by their slogan “Better Not Bitter” and delivers quality products at a competitive price. Available in 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg per 30mL bottle, 20mg in the morning and before bed are all that’s recommended if you’re a beginning cannabidiol user. Simply enjoy your dose beneath your tongue for 30-90 seconds for fast-acting relief, or add to your morning cup of tea. With Eclipse CBD, you can be sure that your product is completely THC-free non-psychoactive and contains no marijuana- only natural hemp extracts.