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Sleep Boosting Bundle

As we age, interruptions in our sleep cycles set us further back from reaching our daily potential at work, school, and home. Studies have shown that a loss or lack of sleep, like the one suffered by many during Daylight Savings Time, cause an increase in things like car accidents simply because reaction times are slower as people get sleepier.

Bottom line? We need sleep. Unfortunately, some of us really struggle to get restful shut-eye every night, and suffer with issues falling asleep, staying asleep, or both. There are plenty of natural and pharmaceutical options alike to help with problems sleeping, but studies have also shown a combination of melatonin and CBD is a THC-free and effective solution.

For the Sleep Bundle, we chose Nirvana CBD’s Melatonin Gel Capsules, which contain 750mg premium cannabidiol isolate in a 30-count bottle.

We also picked Savage CBD’s soothing and relaxing Full Spectrum Lavender Citrus lotion, which combines essential oils and potent cannabidiol extract to promote restful sleep.

Also included in the Sleep Boosting Bundle is CBDfx’s Calming Balm for an extra punch of powerful relaxation. 

With the Sleep Boosting Bundle, you’ll be getting just that. This group is especially great when paired with the Post Workout Bundle to give your body the rest it needs for muscle bulking and recovery.

With your bundle savings, you can afford to add CBD night time gummies to your cart and soon you’ll be sleeping better than you have in years.