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Reef CBD Salve – Wellness (250MG)

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Do you feel like you’re working yourself half to death and like you’re about to topple over from exhaustion, but still struggle with getting the restful sleep you need to recharge and recover? If so, you may need some Reef CBD Wellness Salve in your daily routine. A robust blend of high quality, all natural ingredients like lemongrass, clary sage, rosemary, and olive oils carry the premium broad spectrum hemp CBD you need directly to where you need it most. With 250mg in every 2oz. convenient carrying tin, you’ll be able to take a soothing, relaxing balm with you wherever you go- no more worrying about how or when you’ll get your next dose if you need it. Reef CBD takes incredible care with all of their premium products to ensure you receive quality cannabidiol at a competitive price every time. The next time you’re feeling run down or overwhelmed, reach for your tin of Reef CBD’s Wellness Salve.