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Hemplucid CBDA Hemp Lotion 1000 mg - Bextera Nutrition

Hemplucid CBDA Hemp Lotion 1000 mg 2oz jar

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2 oz jar 
1000 mg CBDA 
Ingredients: Full spectrum CBD oil, 100% pure vegetable glycerin, polysorbate, ultra-purified CBD Nano water.
Apply to needed area and allow to absorb.
CBDA has different characteristics and properties than CBD. While there has been little research done on this form of the cannabinoid, it is already known to have unique benefits.

About Hemplucid Products:  Hemplucid is considered a full spectrum hemp product. This means that their products provide a full cannabinoid profile that utilizes several different cannabinoids including trace amounts of THC below the federal legal limit of .3%.  Hemplucid's hemp plants utilize no pesticide, no herbicide, and no chemical treatments.  Hemplucid utilizes clean CO2 extraction methods in a GMP-certified facility.

Lab results available by company:  Yes 

​​​​​​​​​Route of Administration:  topical