Eclipse CBD Full Spectrum Tincture – Lemon Cake 10mL

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Not too sure about all this CBD hype, but curious enough to see the results for yourself? If you’re interested in seeing how high-quality lab tested cannabidiol can benefit your overall mental and physical health, but aren’t ready to make the investment in a large quantity or don’t know if you’ll even like it, Eclipse CBD Lemon Cake Tincture may be the right choice for you. The tart and refreshing dessert flavor is perfectly blended with full spectrum American grown hemp for the ultimate in soothing and relaxing cake flavored experience- and without that earthy terpene flavor. Sit back and unwind after bed or calm your nerves before a big day, the choice is yours! With 2 droppers beneath the tongue sublingually, this little 10mL bottle packs a serious punch with 100mg CBD!