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AndHemp CBD Pets – No Rinse Shampoo

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Even the most relaxed pets may dread bath time, so to help you keep them fresh and clean without the struggle, AndHemp CBD No Rinse Pet Shampoo is here! Each 210mL bottle contains 300mg of Broad-Spectrum CBD to keep your pet’s skin healthy and coat shiny while also cleaning dirt and dander from their fur to keep them smelling fresh. Your furry friend will enjoy the wonderful benefits of cannabidiol and the massage of rubbing the shampoo onto their fur, and you’ll enjoy the fresh scent and easy-to-use method of keeping your pet clean. Simply spray onto your pet’s fur, scrub gently to spread evenly and massage into their coat, then let dry; it really is that easy! This formula contains not only Broad-Spectrum CBD but hemp oil as well, causing the ‘entourage effect,’ meaning the two potent ingredients work together to offer even more pronounced benefits! Keep your pet’s hygiene routine simple and enjoyable, and grab a bottle of AndHemp CBD Pet Shampoo today from CBDBound.

Please Note: We recommend only modest and monitored use for cats, as a cat’s self-cleaning method may cause them to ingest the topical spray.