Bextera Nutrition CBD Bath Bombs 35mg- 100mg CBD

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CBD Bath Bombs by Bextera Nutrition 

CBD Bath Bomb Luxe Pack  

Redefine your unwind...

Fall in love with all or our bath bombs...Our Signature CBD Luxe Pack has fabulous assortment of our CBD Bath Bombs for you to try. Great for gifting or a little self pampering!  Limited Quantities- Get these while they last! 



35mg CBD Isolate I  CBD Bath Bomb


Color: Lavender and Lime 

Are you ready for the Ultimate in CBD pampering? What and amazing way to relax and an enhance your mood. The light scents of fresh bamboo and amazing Ylang Ylang flowers...Made with Coconut Oil base with Ylang Ylang essential oils, and 35mg of CBD isolate.  Loosen up as waves of nourishing coconut oil and natural CBD melt away stress from both muscles and minds.

Benefits: This bath bomb does best when your libido needs a boost or to set a romantic mood. Euphoric relaxes tension and helps you wind down for a good night’s sleep.  Relax like you never have before! 

Use For: Boosting libido, muscle tension, sleep, relaxation




Pain Bomb

35mg CBD Isolate I CBD Bath Bomb


Color:  Sky Blue 

Base Oil: Coconut Oil Salt: Epsom Salt Essential Oils: Wintergreen & Peppermint

Wash away the stress of the day in pools of refreshing eucalyptus and mint. The graceful combination of Epsom salt and coconut oil may dances away aches and dry skin. Meanwhile, wintergreen and peppermint oil quiet your stress. Use one bath bomb in a tub of warm water to soothe your body’s stresses.

Benefits: Pain Bomb may quiet joint and muscle aches as well as skin irritation.

Use For: Muscle aches, joint pain, tension

Love & Light

35mg CBD Isolate I CBD Bath Bomb 


Color:  Pink and Citron

Base Oil: Shea Butter

Salt: Himalayan Pink Salt

Essential Oils: Helichrysum & Bergamot

Description: Refresh your skin with cooling helichrysum and bergamot. The Helichrysum flower, a natural herb, was once offered as a gift to Greek gods. Treat your skin to the gift of soothing shea butter and Himalayan pink salt to wind down and replenish moisture.

Benefits:  Coupled with CBD oil, Love and Light may calm skin and relaxes muscle and joint aches.



100mg Full Spectrum CBD I CBD Bath Bomb

Scent:  Jasmine, White Lily & Indonesian Patchouli

Color: Artic White  

Base Oil: Coconut Oil Essential Oil: Tea Tree

Relaxing, delicate scents of jasmine, white lily, and Indonesian Patchouli help freshen your skin and your mind. Coupled with CBD, Entourage will wind down your body’s tension and help bring you to a place of inner peace. Breathe, relax, enjoy.

Benefits:  Entourage helps freshen and moisturize inflamed skin.

Use For: Eczema, dry skin, stress, muscle tension, joint aches


Directions: Run a bath. Throw in a bath bomb. Climb in naked. Relax like you never have before! 

Warning: This product and statements have not been evaluated by the food & drug administration. This product is for external use ONLY. Always consult with your doctor before use, especially if pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.