The Helping Friendly Herbal Extract Salve – Cooling

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Delayed onset muscle soreness be gone! Designed to ease neuropathic pain by a founder who needed it himself, The Helping Friendly Hemp Company’s Cooling Herbal Extract Salve is just like traditional pain-relief products. However, the invigorating mint is not the only thing working to fight your discomfort. Powerful hemp oil extract sinks deep below the skin, aided by moisturizing hemp, coconut, and avocado carrier oils. They soothe inflammation from the skin all the way through the muscle and eases tense knots and aches. Whether it’s a physical job that’s breaking your back or a new workout routine that’s left you with a sore pair of knees, this salve is available in a 200mg jar for use at home as well as a 50mg travel tin for discrete use on the go. Whatever your body needs, The Helping Friendly Hemp Company can do just that with its Cooling Herbal Extract Topical Salve.