CBD Lion Tincture Oil (30mL)

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With so many CBD tincture oils available today, you will often have to compare subtle differences in various products to find the best one suited for your needs. Whether you’re seeking CBD for relief from depression, anxiety, or aches and pains, CBD Lion stands out as a premium CBD product due to the wider than average range of available CBD strength options. Available in 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg and 5000mg of THC-free CBD and MCT oils, CBD Lion’s CBD Tincture Oils are a versatile option for any CBD user. CBD Lion’s CBD Tincture Oils are also all-purpose products, and can be used in a variety of effective ways. These products can be mixed with your favorite e-juice and vaped, added to any delicious protein shakes, smoothies or food items, and can also be enjoyed sublingually beneath the tongue. Flavorless and odorless, CBD Lion’s CBD Tincture Oil can transform virtually any product into a CBD infusion. Enjoy naturally occurring properties that can improve your mental and physical health with CBD Lion’s CBD Tincture Oils.