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Perfectshaker Club Accessories Perfectshaker Meal Prep Containers Black

Perfectshaker Meal Prep Containers Black

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Details: Meal Prep Containers, Black
Performa. 3 Meal Pack. BPA Free. Matrix. Meal Containers. 3rd Party Tested. Microwave Safe. Freezer Safe. Dishwasher Safe. BPA Free: Non-Toxic And 3rd Party Tested. EXTRALAST UV INK: Designed To Protect From Fading And Chipping. Stack Or Nest For Storage. 100% Leak Proof And Airtight. DURAPLEX Made With Shatter Resistant Polymer Blend + Icon. Easy Grab And Close Tabs.

Manufacturer: Perfectshaker

Flavor: Black

Extended Size Details: 3 - 24 oz Containers