CBD oil for Pets 500mg- Peanut Butter Flavor by Bextera Nutrition

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CBD Oil for Pets by Bextera Nutrition

Human Grade CBD oil For Pets


  • 1 oz/ 30 ml bottle
  • 500mg CBD/ bottle
  • CBD oil for Dogs Tincture offers Flexible Dosing
  • Great dog friendly peanut butter flavoring your pet is sure to love! 

    Flexible CBD Dosing- With several dosing options in a single bottle you can easily estimate the amount of CBD that works best for your dog.  For smaller dogs, use smaller dose, larger dogs larger dose or twice a day.  Every bottle comes with a measured dropper for easy to estimate dosing.  

    500 MG CBD Bottle 

    8.3 mg CBD  per 1/2 mL dropper
    16.66 mg CBD  per 1 mL per dropper
    24.99 mg CBD per 1.5 mL dropper
    33.32 mg CBD per 2 mL dropper
    • Flexible CBD Dosing*
    • 500mg CBD per bottle
    • Omega 3,6, and 9 boost with Organic Hemp carrier oil* 
    • Ingredients:  Hemp CBD oil, CBD isolate, Peanut Butter flavor

      Our CBD oil for Dogs Tincture is Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, and Gluten Free.  Contains ZERO soy, gluten, milk, wheat, binders or preservatives.

      Sourced from licensed growers of American Industrial Hemp.  CBD for Dogs is manufactured in and FDA registered, certified GMP facility.  

      CBD Oil for Dogs has NO THC, and as such, there is no psychoactive effect of a "high" like you would expect from oils sourced from the marijuana plant.*  

      *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

      Can CBD oil for Dogs help with symptoms of anxiety, compulsive behavior, inflammation, seizures and neurological problems and other issues?

      The FDA has actively warned companies marketing CBD oil for pets against making these label claims.  Though CBD oil for pets is hugely popular with pet parents, we do not and can not make any health claims for our CBD oil for Dogs.  There are no CBD products that we are aware of to date that have been studied and been shown to be safe and effective for these symptoms in pets, so please take caution if you see other companies are making these claims about their products.    

      Pet tinctures made with Hemp CBD oils are not generally recognized, among experts qualified by scientific training and experience as safe and effective to treat, cure, prevent or mitigate any condition or disease in pets.  To say this would classify Hemp CBD tinctures as drugs, which is why many companies are are warned against doing so by the FDA.    

      Can CBD oil for dogs or other CBD pet treats be used in the place of veterinarian-prescribed anxiety medicine? 

      CBD oil for dogs, and other CBD pet products cannot and should not be marketed in place of veterinarian prescribed medicine.  Natural health products are not considered drugs and cannot make the same claims that drugs available by prescription can, so we cannot say that these products will treat your pet's anxiety nor take the place of any other prescribed medicine. 

      Doesn't CBD oil offer natural and similar results without the use of chemicals?

      We believe in a whole person and whole pet approach to health, which is incorporating natural health and nutrition in with well researched medicine as prescribed by physicians and veterinarians.  We cannot and do not make any claims that CBD oil can offer results similar to any medications.  Remember to talk with your vet when using any natural health products or supplements if you pet has a health concern or is taking medication.    

      Why is there no information here on the benefits of CBD for my Pet?  Many other brands I see tell me how CBD oil for pets or CBD pet treats an help my pet a specific condition- why is Bextera so different?

      Bextera Nutrition's health and nutrition products as well as pet products are made from US grown Hemp through licensed growers, and manufactured in a registered FDA facilities.  They area also cGMP compliant.  We carry this over to our labeling and marketing practices as well.  We do our best to set the example in the industry.  What we can claim about pet CBD products is limited to largely to quality. 

      Many of our customers however, buy the same Bextera CBD products month after month.  We let our products speak for themselves, and they do...