Bextera Nutrition Kush Cake

Kush Cake

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Chewy & Chocolatey
Kush Cakes‰Û_Ìã̦‰ö_ÌÇåÂå¢ were developed by a licensed pharmacist and are made with a proprietary formula to support relaxation and sleep.

Legal in all 50 States
Yup, that's right friends‰Û_Ìã̦‰ö_Ìԉö_̠what we put in Kush Cakes‰Û_Ìã̦‰ö_ÌÇåÂå¢ is legal in every state. You can buy and sell them around the world too.

Each brownie comes with hemp protein added-in to give you an extra healthy kick!