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Free The Leaf CBD Cartridges

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This product contains less than 0.3% THC


The First Pharmacist Formulated Proprietary Blend of CBD & Natural Terpenes. Highest Quality Full Ceramic Exclusive Design Cartridges. Solvent Free Pure Vape Experience!

Recommended Battery: Voltage 2-4 Volts | Wattage 5-9 Watts

Ingredients – Hemp Derived Cannabinoid Extract, MCT Oil, Natural Terpenes & Flavorings

Green Roads CBD Review

Green Roads CBD adopt an extremely thorough approach when manufacturing their products. They use both CBD-isolate and full-spectrum CBD for various products.


But it’s the conditions they work in which sets them apart. Green Roads CBD develop their cartridges in a cGMP-certified facility, and use pharmaceutical-grade extracts. Moreover, a licensed pharmacist is present at all times to ensure that each step is carried out correctly.

Benefits of CBD vape cartridges

There are plenty of ways to vaporize CBD. Concentrates and dry herbs are popular with some users, but vaping e-liquids is certainly more common. Then there is the choice between buying the e-liquid separately, or purchasing it ready made in a cartridge. Let’s go over some benefits of vaping CBD oil in cartridges.


Free the Leaf cartridges are also made with MCT oil. This carrier oil boosts the bioavailability – or the potency – of CBD. The cannabinoid is metabolized more speedily when consumed with fatty acids.

Enjoy rapid relief from your ailments

Vaping delivers CBD into the body more quickly than other methods. The cannabinoids start having an effect almost immediately after taking a hit. Inhaling CBD-rich vapor into the lungs means that the compounds can skip the processes of the digestive system. The CBD is then taken into the bloodstream within seconds.


CBD cartridges work even faster than with refillable devices, as you don’t need to top the tank up before use. Furthermore, many vape pens and portable models work without having to heat them up beforehand. These devices work either by single-button operation or automatically by having a draw on the mouthpiece. The vapor emitted is cool, and in the case of Free the Leaf CBD cartridges, bursting with flavor.

No maintenance required

As CBD cartridges are disposable, no maintenance is necessary – on the cartridge or the vape pen. With refillable vaporizers, cleaning the tank out regularly is a must to prevent bad-tasting hits. But with a cartridge, once it’s empty, just screw another onto the pen.


Free the Leaf cartridges are 510-threaded, which is standard in the industry. Hence, they are compatible with all mainstream portable vaporizers and vape pens.