Why CBD Gummies are here to Stay!

Why CBD Gummies are here to Stay!

Why CBD Gummies are here to Stay!

With the legalization of marijuana in many states you may be wondering if thc may soon be taking over the market, and CBD will be a passing fad. We're here to tell you that it's here to stay. CBD from the Hemp plant gives you little reason to worry about a high, and it's readily available in the marketplace. CBD Gummies are one of the most convenient ways to take CBD, and the quality of these products has really improved over the past several years.


High Quality CBD Gummies

Buyers should look for products manufactured with hemp grown in the USA in FDA registered facilities in the USA, under current good manufacturing practices as determined by the FDA, or cGMP is what to look for.

Some of manufacturing facilities add an extra step of getting third party certified for GMP, which is the gold standard. Many of these products are also third party lab tested and may or may not publish test results for batch testing. Publishing of test results has become less of the standard for CBD now that hemp derived CBD is more mainstream and manufacturing is done in facilities that are already making vitamins or nutraceuticals that have been on store shelves for years.

Bextera Nutrition manufactures it's gummies in this way and we always have. CBD Gummies are made right alongside of where we make our high quality nutraceutical products.  

Benefits of CBD Gummies during the Day

Marijuana still and always has causes a high with THC, and realistically it's hard to imagine functioning at work or during the day taking THC and driving is out. CBD and THC act upon many of the same receptors in the body, and CBD has always had quality of life benefits that are widely recognized without the high. Many patients in legal medical marijuana states and legal states still use both, in fact you'll find that larger medical marijuana companies sometimes also have a CBD line.

CBD can be extracted from either hemp plant or marijuana plant, so as these products are legalized and become recreational this is something to look for as many people still look for zero thc in broad spectrum CBD or less than .3% thc in a full spectrum cbd oil or other CBD products.


Types of CBD: CBD Oil vs CBD Gummies

If you're wondering what form of CBD to use, you're not alone. Many CBD users choose to have a variety and these have become the new staples in the medicine cabinet. CBD oil is a very easy product to do a flexible dose and can be used as a topical or you can mix in with a favorite cream or lotion. Some CBD oils but not all can be vaped for a faster effect, CBD edibles tend to kick in much later.


What are the Strongest CBD Gummies?

The most common dose of CBD Gummies you will see is a 10mg CBD gummy, and the higher dosages are 25mg. The dose of CBD for a jar or bag with 300mg total will have 10mg CBD gummy bears and 750mg CBD will have 30 25mg CBD Gummy Bears.

Typically these are CBD isolate, but some are broad spectrum CBD or full spectrum cbd. Many prefer the tastier fruit flavors of the CBD isolates. So, Should I buy the 300 mg of cbd or 750 mg bottle of CBD gummies with 25mg CBD per dose? This totally depends on how you take your CBD during the day and the dose of cbd that you feel you need.

Should I take CBD Gummies for Sleep and Anxiety?

If you're wondering if you can use CBD gummies be used for anxiety? Many people take CBD just for these reasons. Each person responds differently and to different doses, though you will see instructions on products for the standard adult dose of many products.

The amount of CBD you take will depend on what you're taking it for, and how often. As an example, some may want to take smaller doses of a 10mg CBD gummy over the course of the day or 25mg once or twice a day and that works well for them. Check the labeled instructions for dosing.

Will these CBD Gummy Bears help me sleep?

While CBD alone may help you to unwind enough to be able to sleep, CBD Gummies for Sleep are a popular choice, the ones from Bextera Nutrition include a good dose of Melatonin as well. Many Capsules of Melatonin contain 3mg of melatonin, Bextera's CBD Gummies for Sleep have 5mg of melatonin per gummy bear, so please be aware of higher dose if you're used to taking capsules.

If you have a recommendation to take a higher 10mg dose of melatonin, it's sometimes easier for people to take 2 gummies vs 3 or more capsules. CBD Gummies for Sleep by Bextera also have the higher 25mg dose which may be of interest if you are taking these for a calming effect and looking for CBD gummies for anxiety.


Where to Buy CBD Gummies Near Me

You may be able to find some CBD products at your local grocery store, though many of the best products are still available online only. Stores such as Amazon and larger retailers don't carry CBD online as they are hit with higher credit card processing rates on these products, and for larger retailers it does not make much sense to carry these if it increases their overall business expenses.

The other issue is that with larger platforms it is hard to determine if products are derived from marijuana which is not federally legal or hemp that is. Facebook, Instagram and Google Shopping has had bans on these products for this reason.

The best place to buy CBD gummies is still online. Online retailers remain the most agile and have a better ability to bring on the latest and greatest products as well as control quality as products are stored within warehouses owned largely by the brands themselves or their own approved distributors.


CBD Gummies FAQs

Are CBD gummies legal?

CBD extracted from from Hemp is federally legal in the US under the Farm Bill of 2018.

What are CBD gummies?

CBD Gummies contain either the CBD derived from Hemp or Marijuana. The only products we sell on this site are derived from Hemp.

How many CBD gummies should I eat?

The jar or bag of CBD will tell you the mg of cbd per bottle and should tell you the mg of CBD per gummy. Follow the instruction on the label unless otherwise advised by your physician.

How long do the effects of CBD gummies last?

This differs by person, but typically they wear off before the end of the day. Most CBD Gummy bottles will have labeled instructions to take once or twice during the day.

What is the shelf life for CBD gummies?

Most CBD Gummies have a shelf life of at least a year, but look for the expiration date on the bottle.

Is CBD equally as effective whether you vape it or consume it?

This will depend on the person, and the effect that the individual is looking for. Many CBD users will alternate the form of CBD depending on their needs during the day. Common products to have on hand are a CBD oil, the most commonly purchased CBD oil is a 500-1000mg oil. CBD Gummies are an easy way to start out.

But I have pain. How much will CBD gummies help?

For pain, most users start out with a CBD topical as sometimes this may be all that is needed. CBD Gummies can be added with a topical like a CBD Pain Cream, a CBD Pain Freeze Roll on gel, or salve or lotion. It depends on the person, and the level and type of pain.

CBD topicals are a good start if you're looking for temporary relief for many types of pain and it's easy to add a bottle of CBD gummies to your purchase to keep on hand in case you want to add these.

I’ve never tried CBD gummies. What can I expect?

Well, don't expect to get high. If you have any experience with THC from marijuana, what we can say is that typically you won't feel it kick in like you will for THC.

Note how you feel when you take them and then think about how you're feeling in about an hour, then in two hours.

  • More like your normal self?
  • Less Pain?
  • More relaxed?
  • Better able to focus?

These are the questions to ask yourself and you can begin to learn what to expect from CBD in general, and noting these things to yourself will also help you adjust the dose or type of product you're using if needed.

Do these CBD gummies work for anxiety?

Many people with anxiety take CBD as a natural way to support their body in a state of stress, so you may find that CBD Gummies many be helpful for you as well if you are looking for a better sense of well being, they are absolutely worth a try.

Should I take just CBD Gummies?

There are so many products with CBD in them, but CBD Gummies are a great place to start. For pain, there are some great topical products like CBD Pain Reliever Cream or CBD Pain Freeze Roll on gel. These are a popular product to just on hand as some days that may be all that you want to take, other days your may want some other options.

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